PIle LOad Tests (PILOT) is an amalgamated, electronic source of information comprising both static and dynamic data for driven piles. This database, developed in Microsoft Access, includes quality assured pile load test data dating back to 1966. Intended for use in the establishment of LRFD resistance factors and reliable construction control methods for driven piles and their future developments, PILOT currently provides an electronically organized assimilation of geotechnical and pile load test data for 274 piles of various types (e.g., steel H-shaped, timber, pipe, Monotube, and concrete) driven within the State of Iowa. With additional information and resources, it is the vision of the project team to expand PILOT to accommodate driven pile data from other states.

Directions for downloading PILOT:

  1. Set Internet Explorer as your default web browser in order to access the PDF hyperlinks in PILOT.


  2. Complete PILOT Request Form.

  3. A link to download the PILOT will be emailed to you.

  4. Click the link to download a copy of PILOT. Click Open.

  5. Click here to download Reference [R1] which serves as the user manual for PILOT.


The provided link to download PILOT is temporary and works only once. Complete the request form again to obtain a new link to the database.