Department of Civil, Construction &
Environmental Engineering

PhD Students


Month/Year Topic Co-Major Professors

Philippe Kalmogo

2017 Drilled Shafts J. Ashlock

Robert Peggar

2017 Tall Concrete Wind Turbine Towers --

Julia Anderson-Lee

2017 Rocking Structures S. Hansen

Bin Cai

2016 Wind Turbine Towers --

Xiao Liang

2015 Hollow Bridge Columns; Concrete Confinement --

Jonathon Watkins

2015 Precast Walls; Floor Systems; Seismic R. Henry

Maryam Nazari

2015 Precast Rocking Walls --

Ebadollah Honarvar

2015 Time Dependent Effects of Bridges M. Rouse

Bradley Fleming

2014 Soil Improvement; SFSI --


Topic Area/Year Co-Major Professors Current Position

Justin Vander Werff

ABC for Seismic Regions, 2014 -- Assistant Professor, Dordt College, Sioux Center, IA

Aaron Shelman

Seismic Design of Bridge Columns; SFSI, 2013 -- --

Rick Henry

Precast Seismic Building Systems, 2011 J. Ingham --

Kam Ng, PhD

LRFD for Driven Piles; Pile Setup, 2011 -- Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming-Laramie

Sherif Abdel-Salam

LRFD for Driven Piles; 2010 -- Asst. Professor, Faculty of Civil Engineering Department, The British University in Egypt

Sriram Aaleti

Rectangular Walls; Precast Walls; PreWEC, 2009 -- Assistant Professor, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa

Liam Wotherspoon

SFSI; Frozen Soil Effects; Seismic, 2009 M. Pender Lecturer [equiv. to Asst. professor], University of Auckland,New Zealand

Jonathan Waugh

Nonrectangular Concrete Walls, 2009 -- Structural Engineer, HNTB Corporation, ME

Ataur Rahman

Jointed Precast Walls; Hybrid Frames, 2008 -- Structural Engineer, Ministry of Transportation, Ontario, Canada

Nicholas To

Strut-and-Tie Method for Structural Frames, 2005 J. Ingham Project Manager, Ove Arup & Partners, Hong Kong